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Architectural texture
Oxime reinvents classic liquid DnB for a contemporary feel with a distinct mix of live instruments and lush pads, offset by rolling basslines and funky drums. If you are a fan of chilled beats or old school drum & bass, this is for you!
I love the cinematic feel and touches of jazz, soul and Latin that weave their wave into these beautiful landscapes of sound that make me feel like I'm flying


f groove


Roof structure of the Britism Museum extension

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Fozen soap bubble and snow


Oxime, aka Cecilia Weckstrom, was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. Her early love of music grew on a steady diet of Latin, jazz and blues and experiments with Chip Tunes on a Commodore 64, before stumbling on drum&bass. Moving to the UK in the 90s she fell in love with the works of Fabio, Omni Trio, Big Bud and the artists at GoodLooking Records and later Hospital Records.

In the mid-00s she drifted into the world of early deep house and lounge inspired by Ludovic Navarre (St. Germain) and Stephane Pompougnac and his Hotel Costes sessions, as well as African sounds blended with house beats.


Electronica, Liquid funk, Atmospheric drum and bass and Chilled Beats are still her focus, and she is looking for new ways to layer acoustic and live instruments with synth textures, soundscapes and jazz/funk influences for a distinct blend of organic and electronic sounds.


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